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Malcolm Morehead Photography
115A Public Square
Batesville, MS 38606


        Upcoming changes in business for Malcolm Morehead Photography.

            Malcolm Morehead Photography has completed the move to the country..our new address is 64 Homer Massey Rd, Batesville Ms 38606

Our tel. number above remains the same.  We are no longer a full service studio, in that we have no staff during the weekdays and on Saturday.  What this means is that in order to see you to conduct business of any kind, I must know you are coming, as I lock the door when I go on location.  I would not want you to travel any distance and find me on location somewhere and your trip be wasted.  We are expecting to deliver about 30 percent of orders to people who are local and ship the rest.  Orders may be picked up at the studio, but, again, you must have an appointment or make arrangements with me so I can leave your orders in a delivery box outside for you.

The map below may be crude, but I am trying to get information out as quickly as possible before someone gets lost (ha..not likely!).  You may call my cell number 662 444 7499 if you need directions, as you approach or if you get turned around.


            Thank you very much.....Malcolm